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Craig & Suzy Nelson

MIMI Founders & Directors

Miracles in the Marketplace was born out of the vision to advance the Kingdom of God, outside the four walls of the Church. Our primary focus is in the marketplace, as that’s where most of us spend the majority of our waking hours. We teach individuals to identify their spiritual gifts and anointings, as well as hone their ministry skills. Our goal is to train, equip and release through the Word of God and “hands on” demonstration. We encourage and strengthen through the power, presence, and love of the Holy Spirit. We believe that  signs, wonders, and miracles will happen in our lives, and in the marketplace on a daily basis, as we continue to love & serve the Lord and His people.

Join us weekly for non-denominational gatherings featuring:

  • Intimate worship
  • Biblical teaching
  • Practical equipping
  • Hands on demonstration
  • Healing prayer
  • Enouraging prayer
  • Spiritual impartation
  • Activation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Fellowship

Miracles in the Marketplace International

meets weekly in 2 locations!

Miracles are happening!

It seemed like a bold move back in 2008 when we named our ministry Miracles in the Marketplace, but God has honored our boldness! Whether on the mission field, in a conference, in our regular weekly meetings, or on the streets; God is moving, and is true to His Word. God still does miracles, and is still in the business of healing and restoration! Come visit us and be touched by the Lord as you experience His presence!

Craig & Suzy Nelson  are founders of Miracles in the Marketplace International, the Twin Cities Prophetic Conference, and the School of Miracles & Ministry. Craig is a businessman, pastor and speaker who has been a business owner for 33 years and has devoted over 34 years to ministry. Craig moves in the prophetic, personal prophetic ministry, and healing. Following Jesus’ example, Craig’s heart is to train and equip every believer to take the supernatural into the marketplace. Craig has traveled itinerantly; speaking at churches, conferences, and special events, as well as performing as a standup comedian. Suzy works mostly behind the scenes administrating Miracles in the Marketplace, the School of Miracles & Ministry, and conferences. She is also a worship leader who has a passion to bring people into a deeper level of intimacy with the Lord in worship.

Ken & Carrie Beaudry oversee the Miracles in the Marketplace meetings in Elk River, which they host at their Oil & Propane company. Ken has been a business owner and CEO of Beaudry Oil & Propane for over 30 years. In 1999, he had a supernatural encounter which led to ministry in Ukraine. Since 2000, Ken has conducted Holy Spirit meetings, ministered at Churches of Praise, and financed the work of God in Ukraine. Ken served on the team that led the move of God in Elk River, MN, facilitating city-wide intercession. He has the gift of faith to call forth people’s destinies, and the release of finances to the Body. Carrie has a powerful intercessory prayer anointing on her life. Together they are a power house couple in prayer.


THURSDAYS at 7 pm at New Life Community Church

6900 West Fish Lake Rd | Maple Grove, MN 55311

Thursday night meetings are hosted by

Craig & Suzy Nelson

FRIDAYS at 7 pm at Beaudry Oil Company

630 Proctor Ave NW | Elk River, MN 55330

Friday night meetings are hosted by

Ken & Carrie Beaudry

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Plus new location coming soon to St. Paul!